Goal:human 2.0


・Elucidate the interaction between unconsciousness and consciousness

・to build the society people can love themselves



・People, Cognitive neuroscience,Psychology, Analytical Psychology,

I'm studying about Cognitive neuroscience, human brain.

Policy of the blog

What is written in this blog is my idea of developing.

Just quotting knowledge is not fun for me.
Rather than writing what everyone knows, I'd like to think more through writing. As a result of thinking and my experiencing, I will write what I am thinking.
So I sometimes quote anything and at other times not.
I will write the best I am thinking at the moment but I myself wish to update my thoughts, so my opinions often change.

What is written in the article is the best answer for me at that time.

In the end

I hope everyone become aware of their responsible for this world and life of ourselves, and live just as we own wishes each.
I want to build such a society that people can do it.

I would like to contribute to attract such a future by elucidating the mechanism of people, but I would also like to support such a way of life with this blog.

Let's get better our world with everyone!

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