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Concrete method of moving out of peer pressure and acting


We succumb to peer pressure easily. Even if it is clear that it is wrong, we humans are often comply with what most human beings agree on. In order to understand this fact and become a human being who can do what is right with your own dignity, it is important to simply have information on this.
This time I will tell you how human beings are weak against sync pressures and then how to get out of it.

Concrete method of moving out of peer pressure and acting

We easily change our opinions by reaction of others. Let me introduce a simple example.

how human beings are weak against sync pressures.

●Line segment experiment of Asch
A cognitive task to compare the lengths of two line segments. The mistaking was extremely low under the control conditions that one would do alone. However, letting all six people answer the wrong and letting participants answer the fifth, the error rate of participants is 40% It reached.

In spite of the case we don't mistake it alone, we easily match the opinions of the people around and make mistakes. This line segment experiment is not a serious example, but let's see an experiment result like this.

●Experiment of Latane and Darley
Prepare 2 people condition, 4 person condition, 6 person condition, participant enter the private room equipped the microphone and the intercom. The microphone turns on in turn, except for speaker, the microphone can't be used other than their own turn. This experiment verify that under that condition, when a fake participant calls for an aid during utterance for the seizure, whether the participant can take action or not. (in fact it is only one person participating, others Is the recorded voice). The result was that 38% of people could not take action under six people condition, despite all of them acting for help under two people condition.

I think that there are many people who think that "I am okay" while reading this, but have you never changed your opinions and actions by the pressure of surroundings? Since this is not a matter of others but a human tendency as a social creature, it is very important to know this fact first.

bystander effect

This is easy to understand by explaining by the bystanders effect. The bystander effect means that the more bystanders are, the more people will not take action. This is explained by three factors: multiple ignorance, evaluation concerns, and variance of responsibilities. In other words, "It may no problem because no one do anything." "What others think if I act?" "It's it's not my fault because there are other people".  It is important to know this fact first, as it is known that if people know this tendency, their behavior probability increase. Knowledge is power.

And these are also the way to think that apply to everything when trying to make a different decision from the surrounding people. I will tell you two super practical way to be a person of action.

Concrete method of moving out

Act immediately

make someone taking your side

1Act immediately!

Look at the graph of the previous experiment of Darly and Latane, then you will find a very interesting thing.


To be surprised, 0 people who act after 3 minutes. People who take action within a minute rapidly rise after the incident has occurred, and no one can act after 3 minutes. Of course, time may change depending on what kind of circumstances to judge, but it is obvious that time is a key pointIn other words,"time that has passed" is lowering our probability of action. We will find out the reason we don't need to act If we don't act immediately.

 if you do not use your motivation when it go up, your behavior probability decreases markedly. So, soon soon! "Act as soon as possible "is the concrete advice that make you acting person. More time passed while you think "How should I do?", the more possibility you find the reasons not to act. So act immediately if you think you should.

2. make someone taking your side

make someone taking your side. having a partner who stay your side at any time or finding someone who likes your opinion from time to time, both are OK. The line segment experiment of Asch described previously, in those experiments, if there is one person who take your side, the possibility you go along the wrong choice are decrease significantly. This one person is lower the agreement within the group and boost your decision.


Yielding to the peer pressure happen to anyone and it will be a major factor in stopping people's behavior. In such a case, putting on the habit of acting "immediately" anyway, and finding an ally surely push up your actions.

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