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How to make a good decision when you can't make up your mind. 3, Make a decision.


Continuation from last time,"How to make a good decision when you can't make up your mind. 2 to have the courage to truncate.”. Last time I wrote about the idea of truncating things that hinder correct decision making. Everyone who has read the article so far should know the purpose of your choice and what is not necessary for the purpose.

Still, those who have not read the previous article, please come back after reading ① ②.

How to make a good decision when you can't make up your mind. 1. clarify your purpose

"Should I quit my company?" , "I do not want to go to school, but..." , "Should I try this?", "May I contact him?", like that, there are many things to decide in our life. I will tell you about important steps to make the right decisions in three parts. This is the first step. 1, to clarify your purpose Why are you hesitating to make a decision? Are you suffering from wanting to be in a sentimental mood? Otherwise, let's stop worrying and think about it. Just thinking about "what to do" is never advance your thought, it is ...


How to make a good decision when you can't make up your mind. 2, to have the courage to truncate.

Continuation from last time,"How to make a good decision when you can't make up your mind. 1. clarify your purpose”.Last time I talked about clarifying the purpose of that choice in order to ride the "thinking" base rather than "worrying". Please do not misunderstand as if you really understand it before you don't verbalize it. People who can not use words can not think own. To use words is not such a story that you can use correct English. As for this, speaking becomes long, so if you are interested, please have a look at "People have 2 languages, use ...


Make a decision.

Well, all that is left is just making a decision since you have come this far. I will inform you of the points of this decision.

Prepare to make your decision the correct answer

Don't try to be right too much

1.Prepare to make your decision the correct answer

after knowing the purpose of choice and unnecessary things to think, next trap you are most likely walk into is trying to find the best answer absolutely. However, most important decisions are not judged whether it is good or bad at that point in time, but after your subsequent actions.  whether it become good judge or not depend on your subsequent behavior.

So trying to decide best answer between this, that, and the other is wasting a good deal of time. If you need some information at this point, collect the information with a due date and let's decide it decisively. Then doing your best to make it correct answer is more important than just deciding. And to do your best, decide with responsibility for your decision!

2.Don't try to be right too much

In face,It is known that trying to be correct at the time of decision making to much, on the contrary, triggers erroneous decision making. For example, motivation to make accurate inferences in reasoning tasks will make you accurate in simple task, but it conversely lower the correct answer rate in difficult task. besides, It is said that one of the reasons for synchronizing with others is to make a right choice, according to the experimental results, the more you want to be accurate, the more you will be affected by others.

In other words, trying to be correct answer for everyone does not produce positive results.


If the purpose of that choice is clearly stated, decide taking the responsibility for your decision and deciding not to look for the correct answer but to make your choice the correct answer afterwards. Tha is a good decision.

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